London Scouts: How to become a great scout leader

Scout leaders need long patience and a sense of responsibility since they need to do important scout tasks such as maintaining records of the troop, conducting meetings, working with other volunteers and constantly encouraging and inspiring the members. Check out the tips below to learn how to become a great scout leader:

  • Show that you are responsible

To become elected and considered as a scout leader, you need to show everyone that you are responsible and can efficiently manage the troop. You can show them that you have what it takes to be a scout leader by always participating in troop meetings, events and activities as well as following the scout’s oath and law dutifully.

  • Show that you have leadership skills

Your fellow scouts should see you as a leader so you must show them that you are one. To strengthen your leadership skills, try to volunteer often even for those things no one else wants to do. This way, your troop will know that they can count on you to get things done.

  • Be helpful and friendly

A scout leader should be readily available to help other troops. Friendliness will make you popular with your fellow scouts which will help you run the troop smoothly with minimal to no problems.

  • Become First Class

You can’t be a scout leader without becoming First Class so make sure you strive to reach that position first. You’ll easily achieve it once you show that you possess experience, skill and familiarity with the troop which are some of the key requirements to be a scout leader.

  • Deliver an election speech

Once the election comes around, you should get ready to deliver a good speech about why your troops should consider you to become their next scout leader. Talk about your unique traits that will contribute to your success as a good scout leader. Avoid cliches as much as possible, instead focus on your ability to follow the scout’s oath and law.

  • Be familiar with the troop structure

You should understand how the troop structure works to help you manage it properly. This will also allow you to know which troop member needs help or which aspect of the scout needs further improvement.

  • Be the best example

Always strive to be the best example of a troop leader. Keep in mind that you will not be their leader forever so it is best that you show what a great troop leader should be. Doing so will make it easier for the scout to elect a new leader after you.

One of the ways you can be a great example is to show up to all troop meetings and events even if you don’t want to. Be kind and helpful to other scout members especially to those who are just starting out. Have the troop leader spirit by being enthusiastic and positive so the whole troop will follow suit.

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