Lifelong lessons you will learn in London Scouts

Lifelong lessons you will learn in London Scouts

As kids grow into their teenage years, they must have the right set of skills to help them through life. There are some things that parents or schools can’t teach them, and this is where scouts come into the picture. 

London Scouts is an after school program that teaches young boys and girls lessons outside of the classroom. Our sessions run throughout the year, but we are at our busiest during summer. So, if you or your child is looking for a reason to join the scouts, check out the lifelong lessons that can be learned: 

First and foremost, we teach our scouts to work together. Self-centred people who work on their own and don’t like being around others need to be more socialized. This is why we host a variety of activities that will get our scouts working together in all sorts of activities. 

This is a value that everyone should learn and apply in the course of their lives. Whether it’s regarding friends, family, romantic relationships or work,  loyalty is a revered trait. We teach boys and girls the importance of loyalty and how they can apply it to life outside of the scouts. 

Being kind and courteous
From an early age, kids need to learn how to be kind and courteous to their elders. As they grow older, this trait should be applied to everyone around them. Whether it’s a teacher, a classmate or your boss at work, treating people with kindness and respect goes a long way. 

One of the most awaited events of the year is the two-week camping trip we take every summer. This is an opportunity for the kids to bond and get away from their daily routine at home. Roasting marshmallows, tying knots and telling ghost stories by the campfire is a great way to expose them to the outside world. It also teaches kids bravery and how important it is to stay strong no matter what. 

Street smarts
Being kind and brave are essential lessons that all kids must learn, but intelligence is also important. Aside from the typical math and science lessons that kids learn at school, we teach them how to be street smart here at London Scouts and find a way to get through life armed with essential skills and knowledge.

About London Scouts

Our proud organization is based in Alberta, Canada where we do our best to honour the London Scouts Legacy. We teach young boys and girls basic values and life skills that will help them when they get older. This includes activities such as community service, camping, fundraising, and so much more. 

If you’re interested in registering your child, learn more about the process on our website! There you will find a list of responsibilities and fees you’ll need to know about along with other inclusions. So, be sure to reach out and we will be sure to get back to you within a few days. We are looking forward to adding more members to our growing team! 

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