Archery Tips for Beginners 

Swoosh! The sound of a fierce arrow released from a bow just like what the enigmatic personalities such as Robin Hood and Marvel’s Hawkeye used throughout their action-filled adventures. 

And we all know that no one can resist. We all became fans of those awesome characters and especially, those trusty bow and arrow are an eyecatcher.

For the past few years in human history, the art of archery has been considered as a means of security and a tool to hunt for food. But archery has now blown up in the ‘now’.

From an old age form of food hunting and defense, archery has now become a sporting event and a leisure way to learn old-world skills that you could use in your next camping trip.

Join the scouts

Yes, not a club about dancing and partying, but the London Scouts, since there are coaches who can guide you along those baby steps up to the advanced regiments.

Have the right equipment

Start with specialist beginner equipment that’ll help in your training. It means that it should be the properly sized bow that pulls with less effort and arrows that don’t get pulled past the arrow rest when in full draw. 

We all know how exciting it is to buy new equipment for a new hobby, no one wants a hundred dollar equipment but can’t learn effectively with it right?

Learn the basics

Most instructional books about archery talk about the basics with regards to shooting an arrow like the stance, finger placement, bow arm, drawing and aiming, etc. Which would all need mastery for you to enjoy archery before learning intermediate skills and stepping up your ‘A’ game.

Condition yourself

Just like any sport, doesn’t mean that archery is all about you just standing there and aiming at targets you won’t need a conditioned body. Archery is also about having better upper body strength specifically if you’re aiming to play more competitively.

Patience is a virtue

Learning how to safely shoot a bow and arrow can only take a few minutes with proper guidance. Some can even hit the center of the targets within a few meters in limited tries. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you need more than a few tries to properly shoot an arrow. Archery requires years of training to master it in competition levels.

But like everything that you’re doing, learning and doing archery is all about enjoying it. Remember to always know when you should call it a day whenever you’re training and pick up a good attitude in every mistake you stumble upon.

Because practicing archery would be so much more fun if not only the proper stances and practices would be what you’ll pick up. 

If you want to learn more about archery and other skills by joining London Scouts, then you should read the different pages we have here on our website. You can also message us to inquire about joining.